Welcome to Aman's Telehealth-NP

Now welcoming new patients!

About Us

 Our Home Clinic system is customized to care for our patients in the comfort of their homes.  We go to our patients home where our Primary Care Provider performs one or more of the following services; Full Comprehensive Assessment; Medication Reconciliation; LAB Diagnostics, Image and ECG/EKG Interpretation; Chronic Care Management; Routine Health Checks; Disease Prevention, Nutritional Counseling and Continuing patient education. 

Services Provided

Full Comprehensive Assessment

 LAB Diagnostic, Image and ECG/EKG Interpretation 

Disease Prevention

Nutritional Counseling, Routine Wellness Checks and Continuing Patient Health education 

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Disease Education,  Medication Reconciliation, Family care Planning and training. 

Sick Call Visit

Our team will see patients needing non-emergent care within 24-48hrs 

Follow Up Visits

May be needed for prior visits to ensure effectiveness of treatment(s) Note: All follow up visits are scheduled with the scheduler at 623-594-8589 

New Patient Visits

We're now accepting new patients 12 and older!  New Patient visit are longer visits include a full comprehensive Assessment and full health history.